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Blue Digital Cutting Machine furniture production line offers all furniture CNC machines used in the fully automatic panel furniture production. For example, nesting CNC, edge banding machine, vacuum press machine, polishing machine, six-sided drilling machine, sliding table saw, and hinge drill. All these machines can meet your requirements for door, cabinet, cabinet door, thermofoil door and cabinet door manufacturing.

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Smart Factory

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The smart factory refers to a high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and comfortable humanized factory. It integrates intelligent means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies. So, the birth of this furniture CNC smart factory is to cater to intelligent production that integrates resources, improves product competitiveness, and reduces production costs. Automation, intelligence, and individual customization are the highlights of this type of smart factory. Therefore, the use of smart factories can solve the problems of asset efficiency, quality, cost, safety, and sustainability for users.

Nesting CNC

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The nesting CNC machine is numerical control equipment specially designed for the production of panel furniture. And It is mainly used to cut various wooden boards. In terms of processing functions, the furniture CNC nesting machine can cut, punch, drill, groove, etc. With the intelligent nesting CNC software, it can automatically optimize the cutting layout, generate the effect map, and perform operations. For example, modify designs intuitively, and automatically generate various paths. Therefore, it can save raw materials and improve sheet utilization. The furniture CNC nesting machine is widely used in the furniture industry. For instance, making cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, solid wood doors, paint-free doors, solid wood composite doors, and suite doors. If you are a panel furniture maker, the nesting CNC machine is definitely one of your indispensable furniture CNC equipment.

Edge Banding Machine

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Edge banding furniture CNC machine is a kind of woodworking machinery. It plays the role of edge banding in the processing process of the furniture production line. Compared with the traditional manual banding process, the CNC edge banding process is more straight, delicate, and smooth. It has the functions of gluing, edge banding, end cutting, compaction, flushing, rounding, roughing, finishing, scraping, and polishing. And it can process medium density fiberboard, wood board, solid wood board, particleboard, polymer door board, plywood, etc. The edge banding furniture CNC machine has advantages of high automation, stable operation, reliability, durability, and moderate price. So, it is especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets, and other panel furniture manufacturers. Therefore, this edge banding furniture CNC machine is one of the important woodworking equipment, and also an ideal machine for the furniture production line. If you have similar processing needs, you can't miss this edge banding machine.

Wood Drilling Machine

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A wood drilling machine, as the name implies, is a furniture CNC machine that realizes the punching, boring, and drilling function. Especially in the furniture production line, wood CNC drilling machines play an irreplaceable role. Besides, woodworking drilling machines can realize not only vertical drilling but also horizontal, side, and other multiple angle punching functions. The application of the furniture CNC drilling machine not only reduces users’ production cost but also improves production efficiency. Therefore, it is favored by more and more domestic and foreign users. Especially for users of the furniture production line, it has optimized the drilling process to a large extent. So, the CNC drilling technology is indeed the best drilling choice. The furniture CNC machines that can realize the punching function include CNC nesting machine with row drill, side hole drilling machine, and six-sided drilling machine. In addition, the drilling effect and drilling efficiency achieved by different drilling machines are quite different.

Sliding Table Saw

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The sliding table saw is a woodworking machine suitable for cutting various boards. For instance, wood boards, PVC boards, and wood-based panels. It is a commonly used wood furniture CNC machine in the woodworking industry. The table saw can also be called a panel saw. Its main structure includes a sliding table, a work surface, a horizontal ruler, a sliding seat, main and auxiliary saw blades. So, it can cut plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, veneer, laminated board, spliced solid wood board, plastic board, etc. Apart from that, this furniture CNC table saw can achieve longitudinal section, cross-section, or angled sawing processing. And the size of the board has been obtained in accordance with the specifications. At the same time, it can saw all kinds of insulating plates, thin aluminum plates, and aluminum profiles.

Subsidiary Equipment

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The furniture CNC subsidiary equipment mainly refers to those machines that play a supplementary role in the furniture production line. And each machine has its own processing functions. For example, the hinge hole drilling machine can drill hinge holes for making cabinets quickly and precisely. The CNC polishing machine is used to comprehensively sand and polish the panels for making cabinet doors and doors. After polishing, the furniture CNC vacuum press machine can apply PVC film of various patterns on the panel surfaces. Besides, the rounding machine can round the panel corners to make them more smooth and safer. Although with different functions, these furniture CNC equipment has high degree of automation and high production efficiency. Each device cooperates with each other to meet user's individualization and diverse processing needs.

Furniture CNC Machines

The furniture CNC machines refer to the CNC machines or production line solutions to make wooden furniture. In other words, they can quickly process raw materials according to different processing demands. For example, CNC cutting, nesting, drilling, punching, edge banding, filming, and other operations.

Blue Digital Cutting Machine provides a series of equipment for the furniture production lines. The equipment includes the CNC nesting machine, vacuum press machine, edge banding machine, CNC drilling machine, and auxiliary equipment. These cabinet CNC machines are to meet the individualized and diverse processing needs of furniture production. These furniture CNC machines can be used individually or combined into a line to make CNC chair, CNC desk, and other CNC wood furniture.

What do furniture CNC machines include and do?

Blue Digital Cutting Machine furniture CNC machines mainly include 5 categories of CNC equipment. And each category has several models of machines and can achieve one process with high efficiency and fast speed.
Machine series Major function Price range (approx.)
Nesting CNC routers Cut wood boards in an optimized manner $10,000 - $40,000
Edge banding series Band straight and curved edges $3,000 - $17,000
Panel saw series Cut wood boards with high efficiency $2,000 - $20,000
CNC drill series Drill horizontal and vertical holes for various purposes $3,000 - $30,000
Supplementary machines Drill hinge holes
Apply PVC film on doors and cabinet doors
Polish boards
$600 - $6,000

Nesting CNC series

The CNC nesting routers are mainly for cutting wood panels of different sizes and thicknesses. Some with a drilling head or aggregate head can also complete the vertical and horizontal drilling or grooving work simultaneously. With the help of optimized nesting software, it can realize your personalized CNC furniture plans or CNC table designs perfectly. The CNC machine for cabinet making can also maximize the utilization ratio of a wood panel and reduce wastes. In a long run, the furniture CNC nesting machines can greatly save production costs.

To increase production efficiency, you can also add other automatic auxiliary equipment to the furniture CNC nesting machines. For example, loading and unloading rollers, auto loading & unloading platforms, auto labeling machine, etc.

Therefore, this type of furniture CNC machine is good at CNC cabinet making or other panel furniture making.

Edge banding series

Edge banding machines or edgebanders are used to band straight or curved edges of wooden boards for CNC cabinet making. Because the quality of edge banding is a very important factor when customers choose cabinets. The Blue Digital Cutting Machine edge bander is an outstanding CNC machine for cabinet making used in the CNC cabinet making industry.

We have semi-auto and fully auto edge bander furniture CNC machines for both regular and irregular edges. Basic functions of edge banding furniture CNC machines include gluing, banding, end cutting, fine and rough trimming, scraping, and polishing. Higher configuration includes pre-milling, profile tracking, and other functions.

The automatic furniture CNC edge bander is suitable for massive banding of straight edges. For example, cabinet doors, office tables, drawers, nightstands, etc. While the curved and irregular edges are more suitable for edge banding using semi-auto edge banders.

Panel saw machine series

As the name supplies, this series of machines is the furniture CNC machines for cutting panels with saws. We provide both fully automatic and semi-automatic panel saw machines.

The computer panel saw machines adopt advanced industrial computer control, which has an easy-to-operate man-machine interface. It is compatible and can be integrated with a variety of optimization software, barcode management software, and automation software. So, this furniture CNC cutting machine can realize fast, efficient, precise, and massive cutting of wood boards. It is quite popular with the CNC wood furniture making manufacturers with a large production volume.

The semi-auto sliding table saw has lower efficiency and cutting ability compared with the computer panel saw machine. It is a furniture CNC sawing machine for small workshops with a small production volume. Except for cutting boards at 90°, it can also cut at inclined angles, such as 45°, and make grooves on the panel surface.

CNC drill series

The CNC drill series includes the furniture CNC machines for wood panel drilling work. Blue Digital Cutting Machine provides three types of side hole CNC drilling machines and the six-sided CNC wood drilling machine.

The 3 CNC side hole drilling machines are equipped respectively with one head, two heads, and two heads with a saw blade. Their functions and applications have certain differences. But they all can complete the side drilling work effectively and accurately.

The six-sided furniture CNC drilling machine is upgraded and more advanced. It can drill holes on six surfaces of a wooden board in one operation without turning the board over. This increases drilling efficiency and accelerates production progress significantly.

Supplementary furniture CNC machines

These machines mainly include the hinge drill machine, vacuum press machine, CNC polishing machine, and other cabinet CNC machines used in the furniture CNC manufacturing process.

The hinge drill machine is specially designed to drill hinge holes on wood boards. The polishing machine and vacuum press machine are frequently used in making thermofoil cabinet doors and doors.

Production line solutions

Customers can buy the above furniture CNC machines individually or in a combined way. Individual woodworkers or factories can buy one or two CNC machines based on their specific and urgent needs. While for CNC wood furniture factories with large production volumes and enough budget, automatic production lines are the best choice. There are several production lines to choose from. For instance, CNC cabinet production line, cabinet door production line, and so forth. We can also design a production line according to your factory size and major businesses. Blue Digital Cutting Machine cabinet CNC machines have rigid and stable structures and high-quality components. They can be a giant help in your automatic furniture CNC manufacturing business.

Why choose our furniture CNC making machine?

  1. Intelligent nesting software can quickly and accurately design the cutting path. And the utilization rate of the board is increased by 40% without manual intervention.
  2. The CNC furniture making machine has a user-friendly control interface and is easy to operate. You don't need a long period of experience or many skills to operate. Besides, you will always learn new technical and CNC knowledge to improve your production and quality.
  3. Furniture making machine can make replicated products thousands of times. It is quite suitable for mass production with high consistency.
  4. Investing in furniture CNC machines can help you save labor costs. You can finish high-quality and precise work with few workers.
  5. We have complete product ranges, and one-stop shopping can meet your diverse production needs.
  6. Automatic loading and unloading, dust removal, and positioning systems greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
  7. CNC software allows you to stimulate your CNC table designs and other CNC furniture plans. So you don't need to spend time and money to produce a prototype. This could save you weeks of production time when making a CNC desk or CNC chair.

To learn more about furniture making machine, you can contact us online or by email.