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CNC Wood Drilling Machine, CNC Boring Machine for wood

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Wood Drilling Machine

The wood drilling machine is auxiliary equipment used in the panel furniture production line to drill, groove and punch. It is mainly used to drill vertical and side holes and make grooves on wooden boards. Blue Digital Cutting Machine offers side drilling machines with a single head, double heads, and double-head with a saw, and also the six-sided drilling center. Except for drilling holes, it can also make grooves for invisible parts.

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What is the CNC wood drilling machine?

CNC wood drilling machine, is also called cnc wood boring machine, as the name implies, is a CNC machine that realizes the punching, boring, and drilling function. Especially in the furniture production line, wood CNC drilling machines play an irreplaceable role. It can not only realize flat punching, vertical punching, side punching, and other multiple angle punching functions can be realized by woodworking punching machines.

Why we need wood CNC drilling machine?

Wood CNC drilling machine is a better choice than hand drill machine, safe, efficient, precise.

The application of the CNC drilling machine not only reduces the user's production cost but also greatly improves the user's production efficiency. Therefore, it is favored by more and more domestic and foreign users. Especially for users of the furniture production line, the production process has been optimized to a large extent, and it is indeed the best CNC drilling machine choice.

In furniture production, the CNC machinery includes CNC nesting machine with multi-head drill, side drilling machine, and six-sided drilling machine. The drilling effect and drilling efficiency achieved by different drilling machines are quite different.

Six-side CNC drilling machine for woodworking

The six-sided CNC drilling machine is fully automatic drilling equipment. One-time positioning can realize the drilling requirements on all sides of the work piece and the grooving on both sides. It has processing advantages such as high precision and fast speed. Moreover, it is indispensable equipment for the production of custom panel furniture. Especially for small and medium-sized custom furniture manufacturers who want to increase their output, a CNC six-sided drilling equipment with a CNC cutting machine is definitely your best choice. Compared with the punching effect achieved by the CNC nesting machine and the side hole drilling machine. The use of a six-sided drilling machine can not only save labor more. And it has more advantages in processing accuracy and processing efficiency. Therefore, CNC six-sided drill is an indispensable CNC equipment for customized furniture manufacturers.

Wood CNC boring machine for side holes, Side drilling machine for woodworking

The side drlling machine, or Wood CNC boring machine for side holes is an economical and practical horizontal drilling equipment. With the CNC cutting machine, it can form an economical panel furniture CNC production line. And widely used in the production process of various panel furniture. Compared with the traditional sliding table saw and row drill. The side hole machine adopts the gantry structure, the guide rail supporting surface is stable, the rack transmission method, the transmission is stable, and the long-term high-speed operation is not deformed or trembling. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high drilling precision and fast drilling speed.

CNC nesting machine with row drill

The CNC drilling and cutting machine is a special machine for cutting and drilling of customized panel furniture. Compared with traditional sliding table saws and electronic cutting saws, the CNC drilling cutting machine can get rid of the traditional cutting mode relying on labor. It can also realize the vertical punching function while cutting the material. By combining with dedicated production design software, intelligent production is truly realized.