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Stone CNC machine mainly refers to stone CNC router and stone CNC processing center. They are mainly used for three-dimensional relief and line carving, cutting, beveling, drilling, carving and other processing of marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, floor tile and other materials. These stone CNC machine can solve the problem of time-consuming, laborious and high cost in the process of countertop production.

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Blue Digital Cutting Machine
Stone Machine

Stone Machining Center

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Stone CNC machining center is a fully automatic CNC machine designed for deep processing of quartz stone, marble, granite, artificial stone, granite, slate and other stone counter tops, which can realize drilling, milling, grinding and cutting functions. One machine can realize processes such as circular arc water-blocking grinding and polishing, table basin opening edging, Roman edge grinding and polishing, cutting and cutting of special-shaped plates, and processing of drain tank. With the advantages of complete functions, environmental protection, high intelligence, and simple operation, this type of stone processing center is widely used in the processing of various panels such as kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops, island counters, bar counters, coffee table tables, welcome tables, etc.

Stone CNC Router

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This kind Machine is suitable for the carving and engraving of various types of stone, jade, crystal, wood, man-made materials, synthetic materials, etc. The main functions includes embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, table milling and so on. And it is widely used in inscriptions, garden engineering, large-scale sculptures, handicraft carvings, home improvement, film and other industries.

Stone CNC Machine

Stone CNC Machine is alway for the machining of quartz stone, marble, artificial stone, slate, granite, ceramic tile, glass, etc. We all know that the traditional processing method brings a lot of dust and harmful gases, which is not friendly to the environment. In addition, there are many disadvantages in the processing function, such as low processing accuracy, unsatisfactory processing effects, inflexible processing methods, cumbersome processing procedures, and low production efficiency.

Now, Stone CNC machines such as Stone CNC Router or Stone CNC machining centers are able to solve the problems mentioned above. it can work on granite, marble, blue-stone, jade, crystal, tombstone, agate, ceramic, glass, plastic, chemical composite board, bamboo, wood, curved surface, spherical surface, copper, aluminum and other hard materials, and they are widely used in the construction industry, decoration industry, inscription technology, stone carving art, models, spring installation, kitchen and bathroom, handicrafts and other industries.

Let's talk about the stone CNC router first. This type of stone Carving machine is a high-tech fully automatic computer equipment that can carry out engraving and carving on various hard materials such as stone, granite, ceramic tile and glass. And it can carry out flat bottom, pointed bottom, round bottom text or graphics. The engraving depth is adjusted according to the actual needs, and the knife can be repeatedly cut according to the required depth, so as to realize the processing functions of line engraving, two-dimensional plane engraving, three-dimensional relief, shadow engraving, cutting, chamfer and drilling.

Second, the stone CNC machining center. Compared with the stone CNC router, the stone CNC Machining center has more complete functions and the processing process is more intelligent. The stone processing center can automatically complete the entire preset processing process. Users only need to input a few simple data to complete the slotting, drilling, edging and polishing of various sizes of tabletops at one time, greatly reducing labor costs and improving work efficien.

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