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Sliding Table Saw

Sliding table saw is designed for longitudinal sectioning and horizontal cutting of various wooden boards, like hardwood, softwood, MDF, plywood, particle boards, at certain angles (22.5°, 45°, 90°). It can also make right-angle and inclined grooves. The cutting angle can be adjusted by a handwheel. It is a cost-effective choice for small workshops to cut wooden boards.

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What is the sliding table saw?

The sliding table saw is a woodworking machine suitable for cutting various boards, such as wood boards, PVC boards, and wood-based panels. It is a commonly used wood CNC machine in the woodworking industry.

The table saw can also be called a panel saw, and its main structure is composed of a sliding table, a work surface, a horizontal ruler, a sliding seat, the main saw, a slot saw, and so on. Mainly used for plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, veneer, laminated board, backboard, spliced solid wood board, plastic board, etc. for longitudinal section, cross-section, or angled sawing processing, and the size of the board has been obtained in accordance with the specifications.  At the same time, it can also be used for sawing all kinds of insulating plates, thin aluminum plates, and aluminum profiles.

Features of the sliding table saw

  1. Humanized design. It adopts a humanized design, and its sliding table adopts a widened design, which makes the wood sawing operation light and labor-saving, sawing wood quickly and accurately, and running smoothly.
  2. Pure copper motor. From the point of view of the motor, the table saw adopts a new pure copper motor, which is relatively powerful and can effectively increase the sawing speed.
  3. Stable machine bed structure. From the perspective of the machine bed structure, it is made of fine steel, which has the characteristics of high precision, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, making the fuselage relatively firm.
  4. Intelligent processing function. From the overall point of view, the machine adopts a retractable design, and the body can be retracted according to actual production needs, and it can be enlarged or reduced at will to adapt to the processed workpiece.
  5. High processing precision. It adopts an imported round bar guide rail, which can effectively improve the sawing accuracy of the equipment.
  6. Wide range of applications. From the scope of application, it can be used in lumber mills, furniture factories, board factories, and other occasions.


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