1335 ATC CNC Wood Router with Oscillating Knife cutter

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1335 ATC CNC Wood Router with Oscillating Knife cutter

ATC CNC Router with Oscillating Knife cutter can do things the same as ATC CNC machines, such as automatic tool changing without manual operation. It also has a powerful ability to cut Leather, Carpet, Carton, Wood, MDF, PVC, Acrylic, Cardboard, Rubber, Corrugated box, Foam, Leather strip.

Model ELECNC-1335
Price Negotiation
Rating 4.0 / 5.0 based on 28 ratings and reviews
Working area 1300x3500x200mm (optional)
Spindle Italy HSD ATC air cooling spindle
Motor and drive Japan YASKAWA
Control system Syntec  control system
Transmission Sweden SKF Group ABBA linear guide/Taiwan PMI,25mm. Taiwan TBI ball screw;
Lubrication Auto Lubrication system
Dust cover Dust cover design, operator safety is promised;


1. Equipped with the linear tool change function, 8 tools are automatically switched, saving time and improving efficiency;
2. Adopting international imported components like big power and high precision servo motor and driver, which make the machine have a more precise machining accuracy;
3. With a high power air cooling spindle, it can make machines working with higher precision;
4. Equipped with a vacuum & T-slot working table, it can fix the material more stable;


X, Y-AXIS TRAVEL 1300*2500 ,1500*3000, 2000*3000MM OR OTHERS
Z-Axis Travel 200mm or more
Spindle Power HSD water-cooling spindle, 24000rpm
Repeatability +/- 0.05mm
Max. Rapid Travel Speed 45m/min
Drive System X and Y axis Rack and Pinion, rail linear bearing
Drive System Z axis Lead Screw, rail linear bearing
Standard Working table aluminium T-Plate Extrusion Combined Bakelite Vacuum Table
Motor Servo
Command Language G Code & M Code
Collet ER32
Tool Change BT30 ISO30, 8 Positions
Operating System Syntec
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication
Dust collector Double bags/Single bag dust collector system
Vacuum pump German Becker pump
Software Compatibility UcancameV9 Software/ Artcam Software/ TYPE3)
Calibrator tool system Auto Calibrator tool
Guarantee One year
Working Voltage AC380V/50HZ, 3PH; 220V/60Hz,3PH; AC440V/50HZ,3PH

ATC CNC Router Option

Carousel tool magazine

Yaskawa servo motor


Rotary device


The 3 axis ATC CNC router is an entry-level 3 axis CNC router with the automatic tool change function. The spindle can move along the X, Y and Z axis.So it is suitable for plate material processing, such as wooden boards, acrylic sheets, melamine boards, etc. Its principal functions include cutting, engraving, grooving, milling, drilling, pocketing, routing and boring. The 3 axis ATC CNC router is widely used in production of panel furniture, molds, advertising signs, crafts and musical instruments, and decoration, jewelry, electronics and other industries.


Frequent Asked Questions

How to secure the material on the worktable?

There are two ways to secure the material on the worktable. One is to secure with the clamps, and the other is to secure via the vacuum pump and vacuum worktable. The latter has higher efficiency, because it can secure the materials with less time and quicker speed.

What are G code and M code?

In CNC programming controls, G code is used to control the movement of the CNC router. It tells the CNC router how and where the machine should be moved to make parts. M code controls various other functions of the CNC routers, such as starting or stopping certain actions or programs.

Do I need to calibrate the CNC router?

Yes. The CNC router must be calibrated on a regular basis to avoid any potential error in the machining process, in order to meet the customer’s demands as always. In accordance with the manufacturer’s original specifications, CNC machine calibration aims to diagnose and correct errors that may deviate over time.


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