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The Latest 3D CNC Router Buyer Guide

You must have heard about the 3d CNC router, 3d wood carving machine, 3d carving machine, 3d wood engraving machine. Do you know what kind of CNC machine these names refer to and what the 3D CNC router can do? Please follow to find the answers.

What is the 3D CNC router?

3D CNC router is a kind of woodworking engraving machine. It mainly refers to the woodworking engraving machine that can engrave three-dimensional workpieces. This type of 3D CNC router integrates computer technology and machining technology and can engrave products with a three-dimensional visual effect through a variety of processes.

3d CNC router can process materials including wood, metal, PVC, glass, plastic, silica gel, organic glass, etc. And this type of 3D CNC router has a wide range of applications and is the best choice for users with large-volume, fast and efficient production. Common 3D woodworking engraving machines on the market include a four-axis CNC router and rotary axis CNC router.

How does a 3D CNC router work?

The design and layout are carried out through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of the design and layout is automatically transmitted to the engraving machine controller by the computer. Then the controller converts this information into a belt that can drive a stepper motor or a servo motor powered signal (pulse train), control the host of the CNC router to generate X, Y, Z three-axis engraving path base path.

The high-speed rotating tool head on the engraving machine is programmed to configure tools according to the processing material and cut the processing material fixed on the worktable, and then various flat or three-dimensional relief graphics or text designed in the computer can be engraved, to realize the automatic engraving operation.

The most popular 3D CNC router recommended

Factors affecting 3d wood carving machine price

1. Transmission system. From the perspective of the transmission system, the 3d wood carving machine is divided into a screw CNC router machine and a rack router machine. As everyone knows, the price of 3d wood carving machine is higher than that of screw 3d wood carving machine.

2. The brand and function of the spindle. The price of spindles of internationally renowned brands is significantly higher than that of domestic spindles. In addition, the price of the automatic tool change spindle is higher than that of the ordinary spindle.

3. Drive system. The drive system refers to the motor. The power and brand of the motor are also a major factor in determining the price of the wood engraving machine.

4. Machine bed structure. The bed structure and the manufacturing process of the bed are the key points that determine the cost of the bed. Common beds include ordinary square tubes, thick-walled square tubes, and new-style generous square tubes. The prices of these beds are different.

5. Crossbeam. There are steel, iron, and aluminum, and the prices vary greatly, but many customers see only beams and do not distinguish between materials.

6. The square rail compasses are stable and precise. Of course, the price is much higher than that of compasses. There are also rules at the same time, and different manufacturers have different prices.

7. Countertop. Common countertops include ordinary aluminum countertops and vacuum adsorption countertops. On the premise that other configurations are the same, the price of the vacuum adsorption table is higher than that of the ordinary aluminum table. The same table size is also an important factor affecting the price of the 3d wood carving machine. Under the same premise of other configurations, the larger CNC router table area, the higher the price of the 3d wood carving machine.
8. Optional function. In addition to the standard engraving function, the 3D wood carving machine has automatic tool change function, automatic loading and unloading function, pressing roller, and rotating device. In short, the more features, the higher the price. In addition to the above-mentioned 3D wood engraving machine's own configuration and the choice of configuration that affect the price of the wood engraving machine, there are also factors that affect the price of the 3d wood engraving machine, including after-sales service, packaging, and transportation.

Why choose 3d CNC router? 

The whole bed is welded by thick-walled steel pipes, which have the advantages of high stability, strength, and durability. And it can ensure the high processing accuracy of the machine at high speed.

Using DSP genuine handle industrial control system, four-axis linkage control, with excellent and stable quality, good maintenance, usability, it can control the completion of the 3D processing of the cylinder and the rotation of the tetrahedron, especially suitable for statues and figures. Three-dimensional processing and carving of European style furniture legs and stone statues.

The spindle motor adopts a constant power spindle, which has the advantages of high precision, low noise, high speed, long life, and stable operation.

Equipped with the high-power imported motor, strong driving force, suitable for cutting and carving all kinds of heavy stone and solid wood.

Y-axis gear rack dual drive, greatly improving the cutting force and overall movement accuracy.

Good software compatibility. It can be compatible with TYPE3/CASTMATE/ARTCAM Wentai/Jingdiao design software.

Imported parts are used to ensure the highest machining accuracy and service life of the machine. It adopts a linear circular guide rail, double-row, and four-row ball slider, with large bearing capacity, stable operation, and long life. Original imported ball screw, high precision, precise cutting. It adopts a high-precision rack and pinion transmission with fast speed and high precision.

3D CNC router purchase process

Before purchasing the machine, be sure to clarify your processing requirements including the size of the workpiece, the material of the workpiece, the thickness and weight of the workpiece, the final engraving effect and requirements, etc.

Before signing the contract, in order to ensure the final processing effect, it is best to have a trial carving link. One way is to shoot video by the manufacturer, and the other is to go to the factory to operate it in person. Either way, we must pay attention to working hours and efficiency, and fully test the performance of the machine to see if it can meet our processing needs.

The next step is to sign the contract. The contract should indicate the purchased model, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery method, training methods, warranty terms, and payment methods. After the contract is signed, a certain deposit should usually be paid according to the contract (except for those in stock).

The second is the inspection link. Generally, a technician will come to unpack and inspect the machine, after the engraving machine arrives. After power-on, check carefully whether the appearance is damaged and whether it is damaged by shock during transportation. If it is intact, check the random attachments for the machine configuration according to the contract with the random manual.

Carry out the engraving test on the machine with the test drawing file provided by the manufacturer, and the installation is completed. If the engraving test is completed correctly, the test delivery acceptance is completed. According to the contract, the user shall pay off the balance.



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