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CNC Wood Lathe

CNC wood lathe is mainly used to cut, sand, drill, face, turn and deform wooden workpieces. Major products include cylindrical workpieces, baseball bats, stair handrails, balusters, roman columns, wood cups, furniture legs, barrels, beads, gourd pendants, buddha heads, other wood crafts, and arts. It falls into several types, like center lathe, bench lathe, vertical lathe, turret lathe, etc.

What is CNC wood lathe machine?

The woodworking lathe machine is a combined structure of spindle box and feed box. This type of lathe machine is suitable for processing work pieces with large diameter and short length. High-speed steel or cemented carbide tools can be used to process steel parts, cast iron parts and light alloy parts. And this type of wood lathe can realize the rough and precise turning of inner hole, end face, tapered face, grooving and cutting.
A wood lathe turning machine consists of a bed, a guide rail mounted on the bed, a tail-stock at the rear, a tool holder mounted in the middle of the guide rail of the bed, a head-stock mounted on the head of the bed, and a spindle and chuck mounted on the head-stock,  a motor installed on the head-stock, a speed change transmission device installed on the motor spindle and the spindle, and the head-stock.
CNC wood lathes are especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises for processing and use, and solve the problems of filling contours, back knives and manual lathes, and have won unanimous praise from users for their high flexibility, reliability and stability. After the practice of the majority of users, this type of woodworking lathe has been able to completely replace the back knife and copying lathe machine, and realize the unity, diversification and flexibility of products.


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