CCD Camera Patrol CNC Router

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CCD Camera Patrol CNC Router

The edge patrol CNC router with the CCD camera system is applicable for cutting PVC, acrylic, KT, polyethylene, plate sheet, aluminum, and copper sheets, etc. It can not only conduct traditional plane cutting and 3D engraving but also realize the identification of the plate and the image contour of the printed image. It is an excellent choice for users who need large-format cutting and engraving work.

CCD Camera Patrol CNC Router

CCD automatic edge patrol CNC router is a cutting equipment for UV printing. The most notable feature of this type of CNC router machine is that the cutting head is equipped with a CCD monitoring system. This ccd monitoring system has functions such as automatic edge inspection and precise positioning, which can effectively reduce the various corners left during the cutting process and meet the needs of various types of cutting. Therefore, the edge patrol CNC router is mainly suitable for the processing of different lines after UV printing. And this type of patrol wood engraving machine is definitely the best choice for users who need large-format cutting, and engraving work. Therefore, it is deeply loved by users in industries such as printing advertising, decoration, construction, and templates.


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