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Nesting CNC

The nesting CNC machine is specially designed for panel furniture production. As core equipment of an automatic furniture production line, it is widely used to cut, drill, punch, groove, pocket, and engrave various wooden boards. It can be equipped with ATC function, multiple spindles, auto loading and unloading platforms, auto printing platform, double workstations, and other custom functions, to increase work efficiency.

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What is a nesting CNC machine?

The nesting CNC machine is numerical control equipment specially designed for the production of panel furniture. It is mainly used to cut various wooden boards. In terms of processing functions, the cutting machine mainly includes cutting, punching, grooving, and other processes. Generally, through the design of intelligent software, the nesting CNC machines can automatically optimize the typesetting design, generate the effect map, and perform operations such as modification intuitively, and automatically generate various paths.

Therefore, it can save sheets and improve sheet utilization. The nesting CNC machine is widely used in the furniture industry such as cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, solid wood doors, paint-free doors, solid wood composite doors, and suite doors. If you are a manufacturer of furniture production lines, This nesting CNC machine is definitely one of your indispensable CNC equipment.

Features and advantages of the nesting CNC machine:

Plate utilization increased by 40%. The CNC cutting machine adopts a milling cutter to cut the material, which can be arbitrarily turned to cut special-shaped workpieces and improve the utilization rate of the plate.

Labor-saving. One person can operate multiple nesting CNC machines, which greatly saves labor costs and reduces production costs.

Reduce labor intensity. The nesting CNC can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment, making the operation easier and simpler. Which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

High safety factor. If you do not pay attention to the table saw when using the table saw, it is easy to hurt your hands and cause unnecessary accidental injuries. The safety factor of the opener is higher, which will basically not cause personal injury.

Better vacuuming effect. The nesting CNC machine is equipped with a double-cylinder vacuum cleaner, and the vacuuming effect is 3-5 times higher than that of the table saw.

Higher productivity. The nesting CNC machine adopts full automatic loading and unloading, at the same time, the opening workload is 1.5 times that of ordinary manual opening.

In addition, manual labor can be used during machine processing to greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

Common types of nesting CNC router:

Single-head CNC nesting machine

This nesting machine is mainly used for cutting, grooving, engraving, and drilling ordinary vertical holes on plates. Generally, friends who have just entered the furniture industry will choose this CNC router machine, which is cheap and fully functional. It is the most basic nesting machine. The disadvantage is that there is only one machining spindle, and manual tool changes are required to perform multiple processes. Of course, very few processing plants now use this machine because of low production efficiency.

Multi-process CNC nesting machine

The multi-process nesting machine mainly refers to three-process/four-process CNC router. This type of nesting CNC machine is equipped with multiple machining spindles, which can continuously and uninterruptedly complete the work of cutting, slotting, punching, etc. No manual tool change is required, and the processing speed is more than three times faster than ordinary single-head nesting machines. Manufacturers of a little scale and some newcomers with sufficient funds will choose this CNC machine.

Double-process nesting CNC machine with drilling package

The biggest highlight of this router machine is that a drilling package is added to the nesting machine. Therefore, this type of nesting CNC machine includes a single spindle router with row drilling, a dual spindle CNC nesting machine with row drilling, automatic tool change spindle nesting CNC with row drilling. This type of nesting CNC can realize rapid vertical drilling, and can automatically change the punching tool according to different hole positions. Therefore, the production efficiency of this type of cutting machine is very high.

Disc tool changer CNC router with row drilling package

The spindle of this panel furniture CNC making machine is a top-brand high-power spindle with fast processing speed. The bed is specially customized and has very high stability. This machine is equipped with an independent tool changer magazine. Any tool can be placed in the magazine. The tool can be changed automatically according to different processing techniques during processing, which saves the time of manual tool change. With the highest configuration, this type of nesting CNC router is widely used for customers of various types of processing.

3 steps to choose the right cabinet nesting CNC router 

STEP1: Firstly, you must clarify the material you want to process, and determine the type of nesting machine according to the material you process;

STEP2: Secondly, determine the size of the processed material, and determine the nesting CNC machine model according to the size of the material processed by yourself;

STEP3: Finally, you have to locate the product you want to process, and determine the function of the nesting machine according to the production process you process.

How to choose a nesting CNC machine manufacturer?

Choose a specialized nesting CNC router manufacturer

The precision, speed, and stability of the CNC nesting machine are quite high. Ordinary woodworking engraving machines can never meet the technological requirements of CNC machines. The nesting CNC  machine is not as simple as just adding weight to the woodworking engraving machine.

Therefore, when choosing a nesting CNC machine, you must choose a professional manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process. We ensure the high accuracy of each router machine test machine to provide customers with the highest quality products.

Pay attention to the configuration of the nesting CNC machine

Compare the detailed machine configuration of the nesting CNC machine. And the components mainly include spindle, invert, drive system, guide rail, screw rod, control system, etc. 

Choose the appropriate nesting CNC model

For manufacturers with a sufficient procurement budget, they can choose automatic loading and unloading nesting CNC router machines. For small and medium-sized panel furniture factories with a limited budget, the four-process nesting CNC machine is the preferred model. The four heads can be installed with four different knife tool types, which can ensure the cutting speed and can punch small holes below 6 mm. Moreover, this model can meet various processing techniques such as cabinet body and cabinet door panel.

If the nesting machine can be equipped with an auxiliary unloading system, the overall processing efficiency is not much lower than that of the fully automatic unloading and unloading model, and the price is very high.

6 secrets when choosing a nesting CNC machine:

Secret1: Cabinet CNC nesting machine controllers are generally divided into two categories. The first type of controller is only for driving, and all its calculation work is completed by the computer. When the cabinet CNC nesting machine is working, the computer is in a waiting state and cannot be typeset.

The other type of controller is controlled by a single-board computer or a single-chip computer. This controller is actually a computer. So as long as the cabinet nesting machine starts to work, the computer can immediately perform other typesetting work, especially for a long time. This advantage is particularly obvious when it comes to materials.

Secret2:Pay attention to the function of the nesting CNC machine for the cabinet. The spindle motor of the router machine has high power and low power. The three-process nesting CNC is matched with a high-power spindle and two low-power spindles. The high-power spindle is used for blanking, and the low-power spindle is used for punching and slotting, which can greatly reduce the use cost.

Secret3:The other is the adjustable speed range of the spindle motor of the CNC cutting machine. The general speed adjustable range is several thousand to 20,000 revolutions per minute. If the speed is not adjustable or the speed adjustable range is small, then the cabinet application range of the CNC nesting machine is greatly restricted, because different materials must be opened with different spindle speeds.

Secret4:To understand the performance and function of the cabinet motor, the spindle motor of the cabinet cutter is also very important. Because the spindle motor is generally not covered by the one-year warranty, and the spindle motor works continuously for a long time. So if the spindle motor is not good, it will also affect the use of the nesting CNC nesting machine.

Secret5:The screw rod and guide rail are also an important part of the cabinet CNC cutting machine. A good screw and guide rail are guarantees of the accuracy and performance of the cabinet CNC machine for a long time.

Secret6:The manufacturing process of the cabinet CNC cutting machine body. The high-power cabinet CNC cutting machine requires the body to be precise and stable when working. Therefore, the long-term high-power nesting CNC machine should use the casting body to ensure its processing accuracy and stability.